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Hehehheee, Get it? Folk Art!!!! (And who said I didn't have a sense of humor!?) Scroll down to see all sorts of pictures of our favorite Lieutenant..... and if you'll note he IS a Lieutenant!! Yeah, it's gonna take forever to load, but it's worth it!

Here Harry is gazing at a nebula. Doesn't seem very exciting to you or me, it must be a Lieutenant thing!

Doesn't he look so authoritative in this picture? Yeah I think so too! This'll teach that Barbie Borg to beat up our Harry!

Here is our Harry just praying
he'll make Lieutenant someday!
Oooohh! What a treat! Here's what Lt. Kim looks
like if you're slightly drunk and you're a tad bit dizzy!


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Don't you love disclaimers? These pictures were all made by Pepper, the head FOLK. She knows they belong to Paramount, and since she borrowed these from them- they are certainly welcome to borrow them from her. As for all you other peoples- drop me a line if you want to promote Lt. Kim on your page, and we can work something out!