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FOLKS 1 year Birthday bash!!

August 28 is FOLKS one year birthday! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! To celebrate this happy day, we're throwing a big birthday bash in honor of everyone's favorite soon-to-be Lieutenant. At this party we are unveiling the much talked about Pin the Pip on the Lieutenant Game!!!!! (To be part of the FOLKS gaming center, coming soon!) And after many suggestions by fellow FOLKS, now you can sign the petition to get Harry a promotion!!
But before you start in on the games, help yourself to a piece of Birthday Cake! It has two candles, one for the birthday, and one for good luck. (After all, it is the FOLKS philosophy that TWO is better than ONE!)


Play everyone's favorite party game! Pin the Tail on the Donkey, FOLKS style! (Req: IE 4.0 or above)

Pin the Pip on the Lieutenant

Sign the petition to get Harry promoted!

FOLKS Petition!Provided by Bravenet Guestbooks

The birthday festivities will be up all week (until Sept 4th), so check back later for more fun!

Contact the head FOLK