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Welcome to the FOLKS Gaming center!  These games were not made with any fancy software, or by a top computer programmer. They are simply a pathetic head FOLK's attempt at self amusement, that I decided to share with all of you! So, if your up for some silly fun: ENJOY!




Pin the Pip on the Lieutenant

This is it!  The Pin the Pip on the Lieutenant game that has been promised since the very first days of FOLKS! I've been asked countless times when this game will actually come to be, so I thought in honor of the FOLKS 1-year birthday, we could all play a little Pin the Pip on the Lieutenant! IE 4 or higher!
(Netscape Version coming soon!)
Quantum Harry The basic concept behind this game is that Voyager has been split into lots of alternate-universe versions of itself. Your mission: to find the alternate Voyager with Lieutenant Kim aboard and bring him back to our reality!  none!

I hope you enjoyed those! 

Check back soon for even more games!!

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