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Name: Debb


Webpage: Debb's Homepage Ahem... I think I must stake my claim too: "I am Pepp-er, Princess of Kim, ruler of all Lieutenantia!!" Hehehehheee

Location: Ohio

Age: I'm pretty young!

I'm a: Lady (not a Lord!!)

A little about me: Shoe size? A whomping size 10. I don't wear hats, I never went to kindergarten (it's true, I didn't. skipped most of first grade, too). smarty pants.... I don't remember ever knowing my SAT scores. My first crush, alas, turned out to be a PIG. Food obsessions... hash browns. I have too many pets. When I move out (finally) I have to take two dogs, 1 cat, and a teenager with me. I'm also a GWAPEer!JOIN FOLKS AND BE LIKE DEBB!!!