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Location: Valhalla (aka England)

Age: I'm not a moody teenager (I don't exist either!)

I'm a: Crazy Girl!

A little about me:
Shoesize:- 7.5
Hat size:- ??????
Kindergarten teacher:- What's Kindergarton???
SAT score:- Don't think u mean what I do, but here goes - Yr2~don't remember, Yr6~5,5,5 }:< (still fuming that I wasn't allowed to try for 6s, Yr9~8,8,8 :D "BEST SCORE IN THE SCHOOL, BEST SCORE IN THE SCHOOL, NERNERNERNER"
First crush:- Ben, who I still have a crush on
Any food obsessions:- CHOCOLATE ICECREAM, pasta (not Alfarian hair *), ready salted Hula Hoops
What happened when you applied to Starfleet Academy:- Still waiting for a reply, still waiting (Actually they probably just don't want FOLMS forming (Federation Of Lieutenant Moof Supporters)which would be sure to happen 'cos I'm sooooooooooo wonderful 8oP)
Your dog's name:- No dog, just hamsters - Smudge (ex), Treacle (ex), Guiness
Other Stuff I take some stuff MUCH too literally I'm really weird (I'm sure you guessed) I LOVE STARTREK I'm a ževilian and proud of it. (Check it out at ) Thats all I can think of. Except all this:-
Member Name: The MoofMeister
Location: 1 Moof Crescent, Moof City, Foom, The United States of Moofia, The Moof Homeworld, Valhala, Earth, The Sol System, The Milky Way Galaxy, The Local Group, Near the Virgo Cluster, Just off The Great Wall, The Universe, England
Birthdate: Not yet!!!!!!
Sex: Female (probably, maybe, ??????????)
Marital Status: Our survey says, ahah
Hobbies: Acting, StarTrek, ževTrek reading hanging out with my friends, torturing my friends needlessly, dissecting things (note THINGS not animals), buying things because I've dissected the old one, music, burning food, eating curtains, badminton, making silly profiles
Computers: None, but I've got a screeny thing; a thing that hums; a thing that paper comes out of; a thing where you hit these buttons.
Occupation: I'd love to say successful actress but I was brought up to tell the truth. I'm still at school doing my GCSEs. Watch this space!
Personal Quote: Take me as I am, or leave me as u found me; Running with a dream, burning deep inside, don't let them get u down, don't let this chance go by: Don't u c, we're actors, we're the opposite of ppl!! (these are from various sources, no space to list them all