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Name: Jamie

Webpage: Jamie Loves Garrett

Location: South Florida

Age: I'm a moody teenager

I'm a: girl (GIRL POWER!!!)

A little about me:My name's Jamie. I'm a 16 year old girl from South Florida, and I'm totally obsessed with Garrett Wang(and Harry Kim). My favorite show is Star Trek: Voyager, and my obsession with it has lead me to wanting to name my children Kathryn, Jeri, B'Elanna(think I've gone a little to far?), James(ok..that's not Star Trek..), Robert, and Garrett, (hehehehe! Don't feel bad! Up until a year ago I was going to name my children Kes and Riker! But I've gotten over those silly tendencies- now I'm naming them Alpha and Beta!) and also to wanting to get a Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Intrepid. I also enjoy Country music, Old Movies, singing, Lisa Frank, Sanrio, Reading, and Writing. BE LIKE JAMIE!! JOIN FOLKS!!! JOIN FOLKS!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!