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Name: Jesse Yannotti


Location: New Jersey, USA

Age: I'm a moody teenager

I'm a: gal

A little about me: I dont have a dog, but i have 4 cats: Emperor Ming, Yoda, Onyx, and Omidan. I aslo have a Greman/English Angoria bunny rabbit named Shin-Tsu. I love Chinese food, Taco Bell, and Resess Peanut Butter Cups. I am obsessed with TGGG(The Great Garrett God!)and i love anything asian. Music, GUYS, art, GUYS, culture, GUYS, chinese dragons, GUYS, clothes, and did i mention GUYS? My shoe size ranges from 7-8 1/2 depending on the shoe. My very first real crush was this Korean guy(like i said, i LOVE asians), but i can't say his name. He was majorly hot! But he graduated my High School last year(he was only 16!!!) Other hobbies include: reading, writing, playing volleyball and badmitton, chating w/ppl online, playing with my pets, hanging w/friends. I never applied to Starfleet, but I am a telepath(from B5)who is taking diplomatic immunity on B5 from the corps and my old b/f Bester! Okay, don't ask, I'm a B5 nut(fan!)as well. My teep rating is 14! yes i know, 14's don't exist(for those of u who follow the show)but that's only what the Corps wants you to believe! Besides Voyager I also love: DS9, B5, SAAB(space above and beyond), X-Files, and E:FC(earth:final conflict) Lets see? what else? OH YEAH!!!! JOIN GWAPES!!! YAYAYAYAY!! GWAPES is cool!! BE LIKE JESSE!! JOIN FOLKS!!!