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(Wow! Just like Harry Kim! Maybe they're related?)

Name: High Ruler of Woon (aka Kim)


Webpage: It's art in the making! (I'm sure it will be way cool when it's finally unveiled!)

Location: The Planet Woon (British Columbia)

Age: I'm a moody teenager

I'm a: chick!

A little about me: I am the founder and ruler of the Planet Woon. (This will be explained on my upcoming webpage!!) I am not a GWAPER but I'm on a joining spree so I may be soon. Harrys been an ensign WAY to long, so I am willing to join you all in your quest to promote him. My shoe size is, an embarrassing children's size 5. I'm 15 years old...really I am!! *pout* I am. Anyway, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!! ALL HAIL...uhm...ME!! Snaaaaah-ha-ha-ha-ha!! THIS IS OBVIOUSLY ONE COOL CHICK! JOIN FOLKS AND BE LIKE KIM!!!