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Name: Marie


Location: Pepper's House

Age: Old enough not to say

I'm a: mommy!

A little about me: I can't remember my Kindergarten teacher's name but I do remember my 5th and 6th Grade teacher's name (she was the same person!) Her name was Mrs. Oliver. I do remember Pepper's Kindergarten teacher's name, it was Mrs. Larsen. I love chocolate, I'm too old to remember my SAT score but I did graduate from college. I'm still trying to get into Starfleet Academy (the Post Office keeps sending back my application with "Address Unknown"!) My first crush was on Ronny Howard (yep, I am old!), but I do think Harry is pretty cute (of course I am brainwashed day after day by the Head FOLK-Pepper, after day after day....)My first boyfriend's name was Michael Howard Henderson. I have absolutely no idea where he is (if any of you know Email me!) I don't have a dog (well I did for about a month or two but we won't get into that....) and please *whisper, whisper* don't mention the cat around Pepper. Who am I? Have you figured it out yet? (Hi mom!) BE LIKE MARIE!!! JOIN FOLKS!!!