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Pepper (The Head FOLK)

Name: Pepper


Webpage: Pepperland!!

Location: Utah, USA

Age: I'm a moody teenager

I'm a: girl (I hope!!)

A little about me: Well, let's see, I'm a member of GWAPES. (That is- I'm a member of the Garrett Wang APprEciation Society) In fact, I started up this little federation after a very disturbing conversation we had in GWAPES- it seemed that everyone had a really good reason why Harry should be promoted so I knew something must be done! In Star Trek I think Janeway is the coolest! I support P/T and K/7, and I'm a member of the S.T.G.C. (Star Trek Girls Club). In reality- well, I tend to block reality, but I'm a sophomore in high school who is taking really hard classes and trying to maintain a 3.9 GPA!! I'm on the newspaper staff, and I love philosophy. However, that's not exactly a career, so I'd like to go into genetics, psychology (then I could be Dr. Pepper- hehehehee), politics, journalism, law, or most of all- NASA!!! (I know it's broad! And the worst part- I'll probably end up a Garbageman!) Hehehheee, JOIN FOLKS AND BE LIKE ME!!!