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Ren (The Art/Psychologist FOLK)

Name: Ren


Webpage: Nothing yet, but she promises one will be forthcoming!

Location: Ren's Renegade Place

Age: Hey! I'm in my prime!

I'm a: gal

A little about me: I'm an artist with a degree in Psychology (how scary is that?)! I'm also a new mother, and had my baby delivered by none other than our Doctor FOLK, Nigel! Yaaaaaaaay!!!! I also firmly believe that Ensign Kim should become Lieutenant Kim in all haste, for he has accomplished more in the brief years that he has been on Voyager, than most other characters. Lt. Kim!!!! Lt. Kim!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Now that's the kind of spirit I like see around here!!BE LIKE REN, AND MAYBE YOU CAN BE AN ARTIST TOO!!! JOIN FOLKS LIKE REN!!!