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FOLKY Poetry

Instructions: Just click on one of the words and drag it onto the paper (pre-doodled on for your convenience!) Then do the same thing to another word, and another until you've got yourself a poem!

Harry Kim Voyager lieutenant ensign delta quadrent B'Elanna Janeway pip pips s two shiny new metallic promotion FOLKS cheese Tom Paris cheer hooray and the the once happy was is not ? . end lost never want ed poetry ship go clarinet play and the gave is have give Chakotay tattoo round wierd gold Neelix Tuvok Seven astrometrics lab man he a the is was Commander Captain junior the smart academy genius a he she exceptional her efficient Harry woman Kim mother head foot flamingo death student resistance ceremony toast officer pilot Voyager was said I we and if so God love Torres core heart Star stars Trek me warp federation futile class planets died helped many life raise united lovely scary times sonic Kim Lieutenant moral the tactical bridge yes no is Ensign friend want the to for so there best commanding ing ed y s food deck one three four two peace coffee full red with year for drink ate ing dance long sad nine of tell told

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