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Musings of an Insignificant Ensign

By: Ewa

Disclaimer: The Ensign is mine, the rest of the characters belong to Paramount, I just took them for a test drive, so don't sue me!

Home, at least that's where I've been told I am.
Home, but without my home.
Home is where the heart is right? And my heart is somewhere locked away.

Home is a PADD and a desk somewhere on a ship in the delta quadrant. Home isn't here on Earth. Not anymore. Home, sat in a children's playground in an emotional nomansland. The clouds, the birdsong, the smell, of Earth. My Earth, not some makeshift earth in the Delta Quadrant. Ironic that this insignificant Maquis ensign should be walking free. While the Starfleet crew are being court marshalled and disgraced.
Starfleet seems to think that it was Tom Paris stealing the ship, trying to escape from his family and prison sentence on Earth. Starfleet also thinks that Tom has the whole of the Starfleet crew under his influence. They think he's got the crew blaming Janeway to take the focus off him. Why can't they believe he's changed?

They just don't realise how being light years from home can change a person. Change a crew. Bring warring factions, Maquis, Starfleet.. Borg together.

Home and Fields; things I thought I'd never see again. Dandelions.. my grandmother told me once that some people in Earth's history believed that if you caught a dandelion seed you could make a wish and that wish would come true.

Home; Happiness? My Family? The smell of a true Barbecue? Dogs barking in the distance and the sound of children at play? But what have I got to be happy about? I'm sitting in this field, knowing that the lieutenant I'd admired and loved so much is sat behind a force field somewhere in Starfleet headquarters. I can't be happy knowing I'll never see Harry Kim again.

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