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a FOLK fairy tale

by: Atlantis Ivy

Disclaimer: This cute little fairy tale is mine, I'm NOT Paramount, wish I were! Just enjoy the story and don't sue me!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Annika. She was called Seven because she acted like a little kid sometimes. Particularly around Ensign Kim.

One day Seven's parents, Queen Kathy and King Chuck, decided to throw a ball. They wanted their daughter to marry a handsome prince. Unfortunately, there were no princes in the delta quadrant. Instead, they settled for any lieutenant who could prove himself worthy through a difficult challenge.

"Can I take the test?" Ensign Kim asked his friends.

"You're just an ensign," Kim's pal Paris laughed.

"So are you," Kim murmured. He was too much of a gentleman to say this aloud to his friend. Kim went back to his quarters. He replicated himself a snazzy black mask. He changed his jacket to a lieutenant's uniform to complete the disguise.

The line for the test went around the corner, and into the turbolift. Kim groaned. It would be forever and a day before he got to the front of the line. He stamped his foot impatiently. Some crewmen and ensigns turned to yell at him. They saw his gold pips, and let him through, almost to the start.

"The test is this: whoever can answer one questions will marry my daughter," Queen Kathy said from the triad of royal thrones. "Tuvok shall be first."

"This is so unfair," whined Paris.

"Tuvok, stick out your tongue, and touch your forehead," King Chuck said solemnly.

The Vulcan man started to laugh hysterically. "Right. I do not want you as parents. I am already married." The security officer walked away.

"Lt. Chapman?" A tall blond man stepped forward. "Oh, the man from 'Someone to watch over me.' You don't get to take the challenge." He too walked away.

Seven was starting to get impatient. "Aren't any of them worthy, Mother?" she asked Queen Kathy.

"I am," Paris said, kneeling down in front of her Blondness.

"Oh brother. Mom, why can't Ensign Kim take the test? How come?"

"Silence!" King Chuck shouted. Seven stopped talking. "Paris, stick out your tongue and touch your forehead."

"Am I going to turn into a salamander again?" Paris asked quizzically.

"Run," King Chuck growled. Paris ran.

"MOM, there aren't any lieutenants left!" Seven whined. She hadn't regenerated in hours. "Can I leave now?"

Kim took a tentative step forward. "There is one more lieutenant, my lady," he said gallantly.

"Wow," Seven said appreciatively. "Who are you?"

"I am Lieutenant...Harry," Kim smiled. His saffron lips brushed the edge of his sable mask.

"Stick out your tongue and touch your forehead," Queen Kathy commanded.

Kim suck his tongue straight out, and tapped his index finger to his forehead. "Ith thith good?" he asked.

King Chuck nodded. "You have passed the challenge. You shall marry our daughter."

Seven walked to Kim. "I will not marry someone I do not know," she said fiercely.

Kim pulled off the mask. "Really? Me neither."

"Harry!" everyone shouted.

"Yes," Seven said. She hugged Ensign Kim. King Chuck sighed. "You promised, Dad. You made a royal decree."

"We also said you can only marry a lieutenant," Queen Kathy started.

"So promote him already!" and they did. Lieutenant Kim and Princess Seven were wed, and they lived happily ever after.

The End

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