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Star Trek Story Corner

By: Maggie

Disclaimer: Just the basics: storys mine, characters aren't, wish they were, ongoing cycle.....

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far, away lived a Princess. This princess' name was Anika, but her parents, King Chakotay and Queen Janeway, called her 7of9, since she was the 7th born of nine children. She had 4 older brothers, Tuvok, Nelix, The Doctor, and Tom. She also had 2 older sisters, Be'Lanna, and unnamed crewman. And 2 younger sisters, Kes and Niaomi. She had a happy life, aside from the fact that her family thought she was a little . . . odd. But then again, her brother Tuvok had pointy ears.

One day, a young man came by their kingdom. He said that he was from the Alpha Quadrant. His name was Harry Kim. He was looking for a girl for him to marry. Well, the king and queen didn't want just anyone to marry their daughter. But they figured they would give him a chance anyway. Hey, what do they have to loose? That night, after dinner, Harry went to bed. But he couldn't sleep. He was too busy thinking about the beautiful princesses. Now Harry had to think with music on, so Tom couldn't sleep either, since he was sharing his room with Harry. "What shall I do Tomas." Harry said.

"Call me Tom. And what should you do about what?"

"Which one of your sisters shall I marry?!?"

"First of all, ya gotta stop sayin' shall. No one says "shall" anymore. Second, which one do you like the best?"

"Well, what about Be'Lanna?"

"No, she's too bossy."


"No, she only lives 9 years."


"That's just sick"

"Unnamed crewman?"


"Why not?"

"No one knows her name."

"Well the only one left is Ani. I mean 7of9!"

"Yeah, why not her?"

"Well. she's a Borg."

"Your point? She's only the prettiest of the bunch."

"They're your sisters!"

"Well, I was adopted."


So the next morning Harry told the king and queen that he wanted to Marry, their. 3 oldest daughter, Ani. I mean 7of9. They weren't happy about this. Even though the rest of the family didn't like her that much, she made dinner for them all the time. So Harry told them to hire a cook. They decided to just make Nelix do the cooking. At least he didn't burn everything.

The next day Harry and Ani. 7of9, were married. And Harry got promoted to Lieutenant. Wait, that's not right. ::fade out dream sequence::

"Harry! Harry! Wake up!" Tom shouted as he kicked Harry off of his bed. "You ceremony's today! You're gonna be late!

"But I already married Princess Anika." Harry muttered as he stood up.

"What? No, you're being promoted! And who the heck is Princess Anika?" Tom threw Harry his clothes and left.

About an hour later in the mess hall.

Janeway: Well finally, I promote Harry Kim to Lieutenant!

Tom: Since when did we start talking in script form?

Be'Lanna: Since Promotion Ceremonies were only 5 minutes long.

::they all clap as Queen. I mean Captain Janeway pins the pip on Harry.::

Janeway: I have another announcement to make. King Chakotay and I are going to have another baby!

::everyone claps except for Harry who has a sick look on his face::

Janeway: And 7, your new designation is 7of10

7of10: Shoot, at least I'm still married to Lieutenant Kim!

::at this point Harry faints::

::when he wakes up everyone yells "Got ya!"::

Harry: huh?

Janeway: We played a little trick on you Harry

Tom: Good thing I kept all those bottles of wine!

Harry: But I'm still promoted. right?

Janeway: Of course you are!

Harry: Oh good

::he faints again::

Be'Lanna: Maybe we gave him too much to drink?

----------The End----------

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