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It's About Time!

By: Akire

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the ship, TPTB do, but I had to write this story to serve justice and give poor Harry Kim a promotion!!

Harry's yawn nearly split his face. This was the fifth night this week he'd worked a double shift. Maybe sixth? Oh, it was the seventh, now that he thought about it... Seven too many! Gulping down another mouthful of tepid coffee, Harry ran his fingers through his limp, dark locks and once again tried to focus on the job at hand.

The padd in front of him kept phasing in and out of focus. Every part of his body assailed his mind with their needs for rest, sleep, proper food, a break! But he had to finish this report. It had to be ready by 0900. He looked up at the wall: 0825. 30 minutes to finish the report, 2 minute
shower....umm, and he'll snatch 30 seconds sleep in the turbolift on the way up. Deal!
He bent back down to his work.

"Huh!" Jerking out of his semi-sombolent state, Harry looked around to see who had spoken. It was Tom, leaning against his chair. The Captain, Commander Chakotay and Tuvok were late to the meeting. Harry's body had taken the time for a quick catnap.

Tom reached out and picked the padd off the table, balancing the thin board between long, dainty fingers.

"Remind me to lend you my dictionary, Harry."

"Huh?" It was the best he could articulate.

"Huh? Exactly! This would make more sense, and have less spelling mistakes, if Naomi had written it!!"

He began to read out loud. Damn, Tom was right. It was gibberish. But before he could amend it, the doors whisked open and the Captain strode in, flanked on either side by her two most trusted advisors. All three looked well rested, and in a good mood. Hopefully good enough to absorb his latest faux pas. Even though he'd never repair the damage in time, he began hastily scrolling through the report, dragging out of the nonsensical phrases the general gist of what he wanted to say. Hopefully he wouldn't be called on until lat...

"Ensign Kim!"

"Yes, Captain. I have the reports..."

"I have something more important."

More important than energy reports. What? The Captain's face was blank, expressionless.

Everyone was turned to look at him. He felt like an amoeba in a petri dish. Slowly, the Captain stood up.

"Ensign Harry Kim, what are we to do with you?" That was _not_ what he was expecting.

"Uhh, maam?"

"Its not crunch time, Ensign. But we've been through crunches together before, too many to count." The Captain began to pace around the conference room, her hand brushing lightly over the tops of seats, as if she was addressing each individually.

"We've overcome much together, we've become a team. I trust each and every one of you explicitly. I've been in situations where I've had to place my life in your hands, and you have not let me down. So I ask again, Mr Kim, what am I to do with you?"

Tom and B'Ellana looked as confused as he did. B'El was about to jump in, but the Captain silenced her with a gesture. She moved to lean against the table, effectively cutting him off from his friends. Isolated him.

"Mr Kim, you work far too many hours than is safe for you. The Doctor says you're even worse than I at pushing the body beyond the limit. You pull miracles out of your hat with frightening regularity. _You_ _have_ _died_ for this crew!! You give more than we have any right to expect, day in, day out. And I have realized that I have not even so much as said 'thank-you.'"

Harry was stunned. Wow!

"So let me amend this right now. Computer! Let it be entered into the ships log that at 0800 on this date, Harry Kim of the starship Voyager was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, with all the rights and privileges that it entails."

She held out her slim hand to Harry. "Congratulations, _Lieutenant_ Kim."

He stood and shook her hand. "Thank-you, Captain."

Tom let out a war whoop which shook the room.

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