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OK, hopefully you've figured out exactly what FOLKS is for. If not, in short: FOLKS, stands for Federation Of Lt. Kim Supporters, a member is called a FOLK (they're a Friend Of Lt. Kim) We are a group of people who think Ensign Kim needs, and deserves a promotion to Lieutenant. Got that? Good!

How Do I become a member?

It's easy to become a member of FOLKS, all you have to do is go to the membership page. And fill out the form! Then voila! You're in! It might be a good idea to drop by and read the terms of membership first. All they are is a bunch of dumb rules, but you might want to familiarize yourself with 'em!

What does FOLKS do?

Since FOLKS just started not too long ago, I'm not exactly sure about everything we're going to do. But on the drawing board are exclusive FOLK fanfic contests, FOLK art contests, chats, and as always- The Really Long List Of Reasons Why Harry Should Be a Lieutenant is always needing submissions!

Why should I be a member?

Only members can enter the contests, plus you get to put a cool button on your homepage that says "I'm a FOLK," and you get your name listed on this page!! Pretty good deal huh?

How much does it cost?

Nada!! Nothing- zippola!! It's free, as Kes would say "FOLKS is my gift to you!"

So what about this cool button?

Ta Da!! The cool button is now here!! You even have FOUR cool buttons to choose from!! Lucky you, huh? To get your button click here!

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

I already told you!! GO HERE!

Contact the Head FOLK

Go to the FOLKS mainpage