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Your very own official FOLKS button!!

Yup, it's here! You're very own, very cool FOLKS button! Now you can proudly tell everyone who visits your web page that you are a genuine FOLK!! You don't even have to limit your announcement to the web community- you can print the button up and hang in on the door! Put it on a T-shirt, write it on your backpack! Get creative! Let everyone know YOU are a FOLK, and tell them how they can be one too!

Button #1 (animated)

Button #2

Button #3 (animated) Button #4 (animated)

OK here's how to get one of these fabulous buttons on your page! (If you already know how, go right ahead, but I ask that you please save the button and upload it onto your own webspace, thanx!) Otherwise here's some step by step instructions!

Step 1:

Right click the button and save it onto your computer, then upload it onto your web space. (This is done differently depending on what type of service you have, so you're on your own here!)

Step 2:

Copy this html code and put it onto your site. (The part in orange you need to change according to where your file is.)

<a href=""><img src="/images/FOLKSbutton.gif" border=0 alt="I'm a FOLK"></a>

Step 3:

Sit back and admire your lovely button! With any luck you should now have a cool FOLKS button on your site, linking back to this site and all in the world is well!

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