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The Really Long List of Reasons Why Harry Should Be a Lieutenant

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  1. Ensigns have short life spans.
  2. He has bad luck with women (so he deserves to have good luck in his job!)
  3. He saved everyone's butts' from the Hirogen in the Killing Game.
  4. He's cute!!
  5. He deserves it after spending so much time sucking up to Janeway!
  6. He's smarter then Tom, so Tom shouldn't be able to order him around!
  7. In the alphabet "K" comes before "P" & "T" so he should automatically outrank Paris, Tuvok, and Torres.
  8. He has survived a crush on Seven of Nine.
  9. He survived a crush on a hologram.
  10. If he was a Lieutenant, he could have seriously reprimanded Tuvok for stealing his holo-girlfriend.
  11. He's died, umm... how many times? AND come back, knowing that he'd still have to eat Neelix's cooking!! -Akire
  12. A tentacle up his nose! -Akire
  13. Taking part in the WORST JOKE in ST history (with the worst creation in ST history) HK:I'm going to see Paris
    Lib-thang: But I you said you were going to Marseilles AAARRRGGGHHH! -Akire
  14. Two words: Favourite Son (can we say CORNY!) -Akire
  15. Promotion to Junior Grade Lieutenant from an Ensign is usually three years, and he's been working longer than that! -Babe E. Heart
  16. Harry Kim endured extreme psychological torture in the Akritirian prison without breaking and killing Tom Paris. The position of Lieutenant should be comparatively easy. -Nigel
  17. B'Elanna Torres received the rank of Lieutenant on merit, and she was a Starfleet Academy dropout. Harry Kim has proven himself on numerous occasions, and should be similarly ranked.
  18. Harry has actually made it home!! (okay, once was in an alternate timeline and the other was as the only surviver 15 years into the future, but hey! ITS HOME!!) -Akire
  19. I think Ensign Kim's promotion is LONG overdue. Let's face it, Kim has endured the most torture, probing, death of any Star Trek: Voyager character. The least Janeway can do is promote him.
    -Garrett Wang himself! (In a chat at the ST Continuum)
  20. He almost beat Tuvok at Calto! That has to be worth something!
  21. Seven hundred years into the future those Kyrian people knew he should be a Lieutenant! Why can't Janeway realise it?
  22. He has musical talent.-Laura
  23. He's drop-dead-gorgeous. -Laura
  24. Unlike certain helmboys he's ON TIME for duty! -Laura
  25. He's nice to look at from behind... *G* -Laura There's a reason if I ever heard one!!
  26. He deserves SOMETING for all the rations he's wasted replicating hair gel!!! -Laura
  27. He's got a cute behind -Laura Well, that goes without saying! :) <--- AAAHHH!
  28. BECAUSE WE LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!-Kim
  29. Well, this Harry is from an alternate Voyager (a.k.a alternate universe). And in a lot of cases the alternates have higher ranks!-Ang
  30. Now that Tom has been demoted there is an open Lieutenant position on board.......
  31. Tuvok got a promotion!! I think Janeway's playing favorites! Hrmph!
  32. He saved the ship in 'Timeless'-Laura
  33. Because We Know It To Be True.-Tirinar
  34. He's the hottest thing in the delta quadrent!!!(plus, his lips have got to be chapped from all this butt kissing he's been doing)-Qutie
  35. He brought eveyone back from that time he made them crash on that ice planet. -Vixen
  36. 'Lieutenant' Kim sounds better then 'Ensign' Kim.-Rita
  37. Because Harry would look even SEXIER with two pips!!-Jesse
  38. That ensign's pip starting to look real lonely.-Rita
  39. People usually get promoted for screwing up something, right? Well, now that Harry's got a smuge on his record, he's a shoe in for a promotion.-Rita
  40. 'Cuz you have...How many reasons on this list?-Rita
  41. Because a man isn't complete without two.......-Kathryn Michelle
  42. Because he looked SO sexy in the Captain's chair...that and maybe the rank will attract girls who WON'T give him cooties!-Akire
  43. Because he has saved most of the crew from certain death several times over-Laura
  44. He deserves it, after all if Tom could become a lieutennant after being cashiered out of Starfleet and put in Penal settlement, why can't Harry become one when he's made it all the way through the Academy? -Bexa C
  45. Because in my Star Trek Create a Ship game, I made him captain, and he got through all the missions without one complaint, plus, he would make a better captain than anyone else, so he should at least be a lieutenant! -Maggie
  46. Do we really _need_ to give reasons...*G*-Kim
  47. Because he's a senior officer!! -Catherine
  48. he co-created a whole part of the ship almost all by himself!-Debb
  49. They're less strict with lieutenants than with Ensigns, so he could wear his hair the way it looks best on him!-Debb
  50. How can you look into those *GORGOUS* warm brown eyes of his and *NOT* promote him just for the heck of it!?-Rita
  51. What better way to utilize the spare materials B'Elanna keeps in the cargo bay then to replicate 'em into shiny new *full* lieutenant pips.-Rita
  52. He can't help it if he's dumb enough to fancy a borg/ human -Laura *sigh* in my eyes thats grounds for a promotion! K/7! K/7!!
  53. He looks good in a command chair!!-Bexa C.
  54. Come on! NOG was promoted to Lieutenant!!!
  55. Why *shouldn't* he be a Lieutenant? -Sara
  56. If maquis people who never ever even went to the academy could be ensigns even though they were Cardassians (Seska) Harry, who went through the academy and command school (I think) should be a lieutenant!-Sandy
  57. It's Harry Kim! Need I Say More.-Thomas DeWert Jr.
  58. One of People Magizine's 50 Most People.-Peabody847 If only we could get People magazine to publish a 50 most beautiful soon-to-be-Lieutenants list....
  59. What else can I say? Five year of major butt kissing, saving the crew I don't know how many times, etc. etc, but you did leave one thing out - i don't know what that is exactely, but one thing was left out.-Mike Minks
  60. It'll make the "lieutenant" typos in the ST:V novels not mistakes any more. Hmm, but then, there'd be an awful lot of "ensign" typos then. Oh well. -Rita
  61. Because I said so! Oh, and he's more than capable-Sarah
  62. I say Leiutenant isn't good enough. They should bring Neelix's ship out of moth-balls and put COMMANDER Harry Kim in charge.-Thomas DeWert Jr.
  63. OK. there are 62 reasions on this list. Is that not reasion enough? If not, Paramount will have a lot of dissapointed fan. Come on already. just give him another pip? Do pips cost very much? I don't think so. -Amanda
  64. If he is no longer a "red shirt" he won't be killed once every two months.-Thomas DeWert Jr.
  65. NOG got promoted to Lieutenant after two years from graduating from the Academy and all he did was fly the stinkin' ship!-Mike Minks
  66. 'Cuz Kirk was probably a commander by the time he was Harry's age, and we all know that Harry is better and cooler (and cuter) than Kirk!-Allison
  67. BECAUSE WE SAY SO!!!-Allison
  68. Simple Mathmatics: More Pips means fewer deaths.-Thomas DeWert Jr.
  69. The more pips, the merrier!-Allison
  70. Cmon people, think of the look Harry'll get on his face when he's promoted! Isn't that reason enough?-Allison
  71. Harry is a loyal starfleet officer. If Janeway can make two former terrorists her second-in-command and the chief engineer she can at least give Harry a promotion.-Thomas DeWert Jr.
  72. In a recent poll on Delta Blues, 584 people told voyager reviewer extraordinaire (and honorary FOLK!) Jim Wright, that the thing they'd like to see most in season 6 is a promotion for Harry! 584 people can't be wrong!
  73. Because I'm getting the distinct impression that we FOLKS (and GWAPES) are about to invade Paramount HQ and strangle a few people if they don't promote Harry SOON!!! -Allison LOL! Word on the street is that someone's gonna give them all swirlies!
  74. If they don't, I'm gonna have to sing... "We love you Harry, oh yes we do. No one deserves to be promoted, more than you. When you get killed, we're blue, but when you come back we shout Yahoo!" -Maggie and the official FOLKS theme song was born...
  75. He'll eventually get promoted anyway! Why not do it sooner rather than later? -Maggie
  76. He's making people call him captain, promote the boy already! -Atlantis Ivy
  77. Anyone who can suck up to Janeway; stay friends with B'Elanna, Tom, AND Seven; look up to Chakotay; tease Tuvok; and appreciate Neelix's "food" deserves to be a lieutenant junior grade. He deserves to be Captain, for doing all that! -Atlantis Ivy
  78. Lt. Nog and Lt. Torres? Promote the boy already! Sulu went up to captain like that! Give Harry his next pip. -Atlantis Ivy
  79. Harry looks good in gold. umm, gold uniform, gold pip, aw heck, give him another! Accessorize!-Rita
  80. He has been beaten up (or has beaten up) nearly every senior officer on board..that *has* to be worth something..Okay well Seven beat him up and he's clobbered Tom, but still, come on he's died (many,many times) for his ship!-Lucy
  81. Two words: "Killing Game"-Alice (aka. "Mrs. Kim")
  82. What is an ensign doing on the SENIOR staff anyway? -Alice (aka. "Mrs. Kim")
  83. Saavik was a Lieutenant straight out of the academy...Nog was a Lieutenant two years after finishing the academy...Kirk was probably never an ensign...even Chekov was promoted less than five years out of the academy...and now it's been SIX!!!! -Lady Firebird
  84. He could just replicate a pip, and tell everyone alien hormones made them think he was just an ensign. Hmmm.... -Atlantis Ivy
  85. Because he has Jennifer Gotti waiting or him and a promotion will make her really happy. -mauidean (Ivy's net pal.)
  86. He will never mutiny. Chakotay and Tuvok will betray the captain on the drop of a dime. (Sorry, just watched the re-run of In the Flesh) -Atlantis Ivy
  87. "Because he isn't as bad a boy as Paris. Just because Paris mated with the Captain when they were slugs or something." -KincaiDaan
  88. Because he went from a stick-up-the-butt, by-the-book, must-do-everything-right, butt-kissing, brown-nosing green ensign to a sexy, relaxed, integral part of the crew. Not to mention the fact that he gets to sit in on all the briefings..sheesh, he gets treated like a lieutenant, he should look like one too! -Ka'ri
  89. Two Words: LIEUTENANT BARKLEY!!! Need I say more??
  90. LIEUTENANT CHAPMAN??? Hello? And that guy was a huge drip...! I say give Harry a promotion and a date with Seven so that he can recover from being outranked by that gibbering idiot!!!! -Lucy
  91. Seven and B'Elanna won't be able order him around anymore. Which means he might actually ask one of them out!!! T-Kers and K-7ers everywhere will rejoice!!! -Atlantis Ivy
  92. Remember Lt. Kim from "Living Witness?" :) -Atlantis Ivy
  93. They would have one MAJOR party. -Atlantis Ivy
  94. I can focus my attention on Dana Scully's desk fund, rather than this injustice against one of the hottest guys on network television. -Atlantis Ivy
  95. The chain of command would finally make some sense. Right now it's Captain, Cmdr., Lt. Cmdr., Ensign, Ensign, Lieutenant, Borg-girl. Anyone else see a problem with this pattern? -Atlantis Ivy
  96. He's given enough hints......... (Captain Kim?!) -Saz
  97. He wrote a concerto!!!!! (Echoes of the void) -Saz
  98. He is the only one whose hairstyle has IMPROVED!!! Everyone else has gone downhill!-Saz
  99. Maybe if he's a lieutenant, what he tries to use or activate will work for once and won't go offline as soon as KJ asks him to use it. Hey, it's worth a try... -Ab'Lanna
  100. There are 100 different reasons on this list. -max
  101. He beat that big Irish guy in an arm-wrestling tournament, what more could Janeway want in a Lieutenant??
  102. We WON'T take over the U.S.S. Relativity, go back in time to the day before Voyager left DS9, promote Harry, and ruin the temporal thread. :) -Atlantis Ivy How thoughtful of us...
  103. This is going by OFFICIAL chronology from TPTB: Riker graduated in 2357 In 2364 he is assigned to the USS Enterprise D AS A COMMANDER!!!!!! I get that as a gap of 7 years. So EITHER Riker was an exemplary officer (yeah right) Janeway is stoopid OR Kim will suddenly get lots of promotions in the 6th and 7th seasons. -IH8TMOOFIES
  104. Because the AFL-CIO is going to move Union reps in on them with their unfair labor practices. And if you think a Borg cube is bad...... -Christina
  105. I heard Tom's gonna be promoted again, and that just aint fair! Harry's 10 times better than him!-Maggie
  106. In almost ALL (maybe all) of the episodes Harry Kim is either injured, dead, or missing. What in the DQ did Tuvok do to get promoted to Lieutenant Commander?? After all Harry's troubles he should already be an Admiral for all the things he's done. PROMOTE HARRY!! PROMOTE HARRY!! PROMOTE HARRY NOW!! (repeat chant over until he's promoted) -Admril Voy
  107. He helped Seven select a date in SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME,which shows that he is a truely kind and considerate officer and gentleman;after all he didn't have to assist Seven in the selection process after she told him he wasn't one of the two finalists.'Sides it be nice to see a nice guy finish first and maybe they'd give Harry more interesting storylines and he'd finally get the right girl for a change(maybe a clone or other Seven lookalike..Hey!We all know he still has a major crush on HER!!!!:)) -Scott McClenny
  108. Ezri was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant in only her first couple of episodes on DS9. -Scott McClenny
  109. Chain of Command ought to go:Captain,Seven(aka Borg-girl),Commander,Lieutenant Commander,Naomi,Lieutenant, EMH(ala TINKER,TENOR,DOCTOR,SPY),Ensign.:)-Scott McClenny
  110. Actually he ought to be promoted AND get the girl(in this case either Seven or Marla Gilmore:)) -Scott McClenny
  111. Volunteering to come back to Voyager when he had everything he ever wanted in that alternate timeline ought to count for something. -Scott McClenny
  112. Being held captive by an neurotic hologram in TIME BOMB. -Scott McClenny
  113. Sulu was a Lieutenant! -Scott McClenny
  114. Having to play the sidekick in Paris' corny 30s style sci-fi holonovel.:) -Scott McClenny
  115. Those side-kicks deserve some perks for all the pain they go through. Scully should get a desk, Sally should get a car, Jane should get some As, and Harry should get a new pip. And cause he's damn sexy damnit! (Damnit! It's my turn to say damnit!) -¿Gert?
  116. Promoting Ensign Kim to Lieutenant would help to promote a more positive image of Asian Americans in popular Western culture, hopefully helping the American government to avoid ignorant confrontations with Eastern powers... (Just look at how Ahura helped change negative stereotypes and cultural boundaries in the original series). -Casey McKinnon
  117. 'Cuz he looked sooo adorable puppy-ish pathetic and devestated when he said "How come I didn't get a box on my chair?" in Unimatrix Zero. He's a real LT for having to stick out watching Tom's promotion and all. -Rita
  118. He knows what to do and doesn't panic in a crisis, even though he hasn't seen anyone in hours or the first person he meets starts talking about the worst things that could happen and knows where to look for the rest of the crew. (Unimatrix Zero) That deserves a promotion right there to Lt. -KJ
  119. They won't have to make him sleepwalk and take everyone's pips in his sleep! -Maggie
  120. The writers of the show are even in on it! The poor boy had to hint at Janeway when Tom got re-promoted! ("I didnt find a little box at my station", or something to that effect) Give the poor boy a break! -Sara
  121. It will increase ratings by 1000%, or you know, at least 10% -Maggie
  122. Because he has six years experience. He should be a full leutienent. -anonymous
  123. Come on already!!!You'd think after what 5 years being on a starship lost in the Delta Quadrant,Harry after being maimed, killed, beaten up, shouted at,and had his heart-broken a million times, would be promoted. You would think it should've crossed someones mind.".......mmmmmmmm maybe we should give him a promotion??" Of course!!! Just give him a pip, just one extra teeny-weeny pip. It wouldn't kill voyager even if it did.Harry would save it!! Anywayz if no one listen to me or the 122 other smart people who have voiced out. Then you might as well kill him off! NO NO don't do that just kiddin'!!! -RAZ
  124. Because WE said so, that's why!!!!!!!! -Atlantis Ivy
  125. Lieutenant isn't good enough. He's died god-knows-how-many times, saved the ship, made it all the way through Starfleet, I say he should be, wait for it, ADMIRAL HARRY KIM!!! -Meg47
  126. Everyone wants him to be promoted, why not just do it? -Elissa
  127. Okay... its been what, seven years? The show is about to enter its final season... AND THE BOY IS STILL AN ENSIGN!!!! Come ON! Give our poor little Harry a break, okay guys? Give him a promotion before handing the show into the oblivion of permanent syndication. -Sailorcelestial
  128. Because Harry actually knows the way home, he's just not telling anyone until they promote him.
  129. Someone had better do it soon before I take it upon myself to move him up in the ranks the HARD way. (ie. using a phaser rifle to off some high ranking officers....)
  130. If they don't do it soon, he'll get in the Guiness Book of World records as the person who's been an ensign for the longest. -Rita
  131. Because if the writers don't promote him soon we all might just go down there and drive them so crazy that they give up and we can finally take over the show and finish the series our way(which means Harry will be promoted from a ensign to a commander in just one show!!!HAHAHAHA!!!!I'm not the only one with these crazy ideas!!! -KJ
  132. Wesley Crusher... nuff said! -Em
  133. Come ON people!! Why *shouldn't* he be promoted!?! He is the sexiest thing in the DQ! And the AQ, BQ and GQ for that matter!!! -Tigrana
  134. Because even Garrett Wang thinks it's time Harry became Lieutenant! I mean Garrett has even asked Kate Mulgrew to put in a good word for him!! And if Garrett even thinks it's time for Harry to move up the ranks then it has got to be time!!! Right? -Gemma
  135. Because Because Because! -Rebecca
  136. because he has earned it! unlike all the others :( -Kiya
  137. Dammit, he's reppin' (representing) the Asian society! If he doesn't get promoted, Asians all OVER the world will be accounted for his failure of being promoted! And sooner or later, every Asian man, woman, and child will never be promoted and all of us Asians will just be lowly ol' Ensigns! (no offense =/) -Kincaid
  138. The poor boy has to deal with the woman he loves having a baby with his best friend and not even being offered the job of Godfather!!!!!! -Sara
  139. Harry Kim. Need I say more? Yes I do. Its pratically the end of Voyager's final seanson and if they don't promote him soon it will be the end of the world. Or at least our world. -KJ
  140. Workforce part 2, plain and simple. The Doc may have the programming, but he has the ingenuity. -Chris
  141. I could mention that Seven is in the command system but has NO rank, Paris has been thrown in jail, demoted then promoted BACK while he was an ensign, or that he has DIED for the crew and the ship more than once. But how about just this; He is a good man, who works hard to improve the ship, himself, and their chances of getting home. He has shown himself not only capable, but excelling in comand and maintains calm and intelligence in intense situations. Promote Harry Kim. Its the only right thing to do. Our thoughts are with you. godspeed, Lieutenant Kim -ImortalLenny
  142. At this point, the only reason left is it would make a great cameo scene in Star Trek X. I mean, the series ended and he STILL wasn't promotoed!!! -RAV
  143. Do you think that now that they're back on Earth, Star Fleet command will recruit him into Star Fleet Intelligence, zip him right up to commander, and court martial Janeway for failing to promote the most deserving and least acknowledged Star Fleet officer in history??? -RAV
  144. He was a captain for a short time in the final episode but in the end he was still an ensign. Does anyone else think that was cruel? PROMOTE HARRY!!!!!! -B'Elanna Scully
  145. The series is over so we lost that battle but don't give up hope we will still win the war. And Have faith that in the next movie he will be a Commander and play an important role. WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP AND WILL NEVER SURRENDER THIS IDEA UNTIL THOSE STUPID WRITERS BOW DOWN TO US. Thank you for listening to the words of truth and knowledge. -KJ
  146. Cause this is the Greatest Tragedy In StarTrek (StarFleet) History -KJ
  147. He is gorgeous, he has great command skills, he deserves it for all he has had to go through, such as death, capture and shuttle crashes, and mostly because he is georgeous (or a hottie, whatever terminology you want) (did I already say that?) -Kathryn
  148. Someone submitted a list entry in German (or Dutch?) and I sense it might be naughty so I don't want to post it. If anyone would be willing to translate so I can know for sure, please contact me. -Pepper, head FOLK
  149. Why not?????? -Alice
  150. He's a lot sexier than LIEUTENANT Paris for crying out loud! -Alice
  151. Can you say 'hottie'? -Total_Harry_Kim_Fan
  152. Face it he's the cutest one on board. -Total_Harry_Kim_Fan
  153. I think Chakotay's just jealous and telling the captin on purpose not 2 promote him. -Total_Harry_Kim_Fan
  154. Face it people who has THE best hair-do?? anybody here know the answer?? Harry Kim? I mean he has 2 blow about half of his replicator rations on just the gel. image how hard it must be to survive w/ Neelix's cooking and all. -Total_Harry_Kim_Fan
  155. just tell janeway 2 look into harry's eye for a min. and then tell him he can't have a promotion. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! -Total_Harry_Kim_Fan
  156. And then in Unimatrix Zero when he said he 'i didnt find a box on my chair' welll did janeway say anything?no. how rude. can u say playin favorite? -Total_Harry_Kim_Fan
  157. ok LT Data was an ANDROID not even a real human , not a very reliable office. A screw driver could do alot of damage(hey that gives me a idea...) -Total_Harry_Kim_Fan
  158. He has the crapiest quarters ever. all of the othe quarters we've seen (except Q's)had windows to outer space. and the captin's ready room is bigger than his quaters. he is treated the most junkiest on the whole crew and he's still a ensign. but hes to nice to say anything though. -Total_Harry_Kim_Fan
  159. can u say heart throb? -Total_Harry_Kim_Fan
  160. Hello!!!!!He built the astrometrics lab. But does he get promoted? Noooooo! Not even to junior grade. -Total_Harry_Kim_Fan
  161. OK. He has the best hair so obviously he spends time on it (i mean i know hes perfect but there are something that dont always cooperate). And he happens to be the only officer that is on-time. Helllo!!am i the only one that sees somthing wrong with that? -Total_Harry_Kim_Fan


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