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Hey! What's New?

Wondering what's new here at FOLKS? Well, you've come to the right place!!

From the distant future... I am leaving this site up for posterity. Enjoy. That's all FOLKS!

6/5/01- Oh dear! How bad is ten months between updates?? Bad? I'm sorry!! OK, well, we've got around 15 new list additions and some new members: Rel, John, Monica, Emily, Lina, Tony, Gatine, Kiya, Dana, Dawn, and Ivan. These guys are up on the members' page, but have no bio! It was the best I could do! Any way, love ya bunches.... see you in ten months?? (hopefully not!)

10/5/00- Oops! I appear to have accidentally deleted this entry. But I do remember I made new list additions, three new members and I wished my friend Rachel a happy birthday!

8/28/00- WOW! Exactly one month between updates! I couldn't have done that if I tried!! Alrighty FOLKY-POOS today we have two new members Karen, and Lissy- their profiles are up, and I updated Qie's profile too so go check it out! Also, I want the community to know that I started another school year today so that means updates may be few and far between for awhile, but hopefully I'll keep up!

7/28/00- I added a fourth FOLK ART gallery. It's only two pictures, but I'll add more later!

7/14/00- You know, Tripod changed their file manager and stuff and I really like the new format! Hehehe... that's just boring stuff though, let's get to the updates! I'm now done with my finals from summer school so I finally had time to add one more list reason from an anonymous donor and I put of the profile of our newest member, Daniel! YAY!

6/21/00- Another list reason.

6/20/00- Sara contributed list reason #120 today! It's a great one! Check it out!!

6/15/00- I added a hilarious list reason from Maggie toady! (Oops! That was supposed to say "today") Hey everyone, this reminds me to remind you to proofread your list reasons before you send them in- I get a lot of mispelled/poorly punctuated/etc. entries and most of the time I don't have time to edit them. This means I just won't put your entry in at all, or I'll put it in the way it is and you will have to live with the fact that your entry has damaged the grammatical integrity of the entire list! (What a guilt trip!! I don't think I could live with myself after something like that!) It's your call!

6/13/00- Added one reason to the list, not much else to say!

6/7/00- I added 3 new list reasons. That's all I have, so if you've submitted a reason and it's not on there, please resubmit it because it must have gotten lost in cyber-space!

6/4/00- Sorry, this computer transfer has been so messy and I've been so busy with school I haven't had the means/chance to update! But today I did all of the new members' profiles. This means if you have applied to FOLKS and your profile is not up now, reapply because your original application is lost in the void! For now, let's welcome our new members: Tran, Alicia, IH8MOOFIES, Amie, KJ, Georga, Gerti, Timothy, and Renee!! Also members, my mailing list is in shambles, which is why you haven't heard from me lately, but I'm working on that too, so hopefully you'll hear about this update soon!!

4/5/00- If you're wondering why I haven't updated in a while: no I haven't given up the cause!! I got a new computer and the transfer of files over has been hectic! I'm still missing a whole bunch of list reasons, so if you submitted one and don't see it here, that's why, I should get it up in a few days/weeks. In the meantime I put up 12 new list reasons to keep y'all happy and we have gaggles of new members whose profiles will be up soon- promise!! Thanks for hangin' in there!

1/16/00- Sorry it's been so long between updates, I've been busy with holidays and finals. Huge update today: 13 new list reasons, we've reached 102! Way to go FOLKS!! I also posted a great FOLK Tale by Lucy, it's called Beautiful Stranger check it out! And I rewrote Maggie's profile, to get to know the new Maggie hop on over to the members area and check it out! Thanks FOLKS!

12/3/99- Tonight I updated the list with six new reasons! We've had a huge response to the list lately, it's been great! I also added the profile of our newest member, Ka'ri! Also, FOLK TALES 2000 will be coming up soon, so all you authors should start getting some story ideas in your heads!

11/24/99- I'm proud to annonce FOLKS has its 50th member!! YAYAYAYAYAY!! Everyone say hi to Lady Firebird, who also contributed list item number 83. Oh, and Laura has a new and improved (read: longer) title! Wanna know what it is, go to the members page and check it out!

11/20/99- Three new list reasons, two new members: Atlanis Ivy and Lucy! What a day!! Ta ta!!

11/5/99- YAY! Another update! I gave the sight a new look. It's still a work in progress though. I also resurrected the petition! Enjoy! If the frames give you any problems mail me so I can work out the bugs!

11/4/99- Big update!! Aren't you all happy, the head FOLK took a few hours out of her busy schedule to update your favorite web site!! I think I should be nominated for a nobel prize! Maybe not... OK, we've got an addition to the list, a new FOLK tale called "Prince Harry," and a new member! Welcome to FOLKS Jessie!! Oh, I also went through all the FOLK tales and fixed the links on the bottom so they'll actually go where they say they go.

10/31/99- Happy Halloween!! I hope you all dressed up as Lt. Kim for the occasion!! Just in case you did- I added 3 new list reasons for the occasion, go check 'em out and feel free to add a few of your own! With the new season here there are tons of new reasons out there!! I also recieved a great new FOLK tale, which I'll be putting up sometime in the next week so keep checking back!!! Happy FOLKING!!!

10/7/99- ACK!!! OK, I know you won't believe me, but it's totally not my fault that this update took so long! Blame the stupid phone company and our stupid ISP for me not being able to connect for weeks!!! Grrrrr... Anyway, I finally managed to sneak on today, so I added a FOLK tale, Equinox Part 2, by Rita! Check it out!

9/19/99- Wow! It seems like it's forever since the last update! Sorry, I'm just really busy with school, but I'll try to do better! I promise! Anyway, tonight I put up one more FOLK tale, a cute one called Star Trek Story Corner by Maggie, and I have one more in the works by Rita, which I'll hopefully get up next weekend. Have any of you guys noticed the wierdo things the links on this page do? I forgot I added that a while ago! Kinda scary, huh?

9/4/99- I took down the B-day celebration! Hopefully everyone got a chance to see it. I should have the petition back up in a few days, along with the game page soon! Oh, and I added one more reason to the list.

8/28/99- HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOLKS!!! To enter the Big Birthday Bash, click on the birthday banner on the main page. Inside the bash you'll find some yummy cake, a game, and a surprise! Hopefully all the graphics will load on FOLKS' special day, Tripod has been having problems with graphics the last few days! If they don't work, I don't really know what else to say but try again! The birthday celebration will only be up for a week, so be sure to check it out while you can!

8/22/99- This is only a VERY minor thing, but it IS new, and I haven't updated in a while so here it is: I made the heading that says FOLKS on the main page bigger. Aren't you all excited?? I am! Only 6 days until the FOLKS one year birthday!!

8/11/99- OK, I just went back and added another reason to the list, because I just now discovered it scrawled on a little yellow sticky on my monitor. Aren't I organized?? Oh, just in case you didn't know, all the list reasons that don't have a name after them are mine. I always figured that was kind of self-explanitory, but ya never know....

8/11/99- I added one more brilliant list reason by Thomas YAY! Oh, and I changed the picture on the "welcome to FOLKS" page that loads after you join FOLKS, just in case any one cares.

8/7/99- A brand spankin' new FOLK tale, by the multi-talented Rita! It's called "Just Another Day," and it's way cute! Go check it out! Also a warm welcome to FOLK's newest member: Peabody847! Just three weeks until the FOLKS one year anniversary!

8/4/99- I went through all the pages and changed the 'contact the head FOLK' buttons to actually refer you to my new email address: So if I was ever in your address books, you might want to change that tiny little detail!

7/31/99- OK, I did some housekeeping in my filemanager. Added some new directories, deleted old files. Nothing any of you care about I'm sure, but it took forever so I'm adding it to this list anyways! *Sticks out tongue* I also put cool little floaty logos on all the FOLK tales (something you should care about) so go check 'em out- they're neato!

7/29/99- Our lovely new member, Allison, had the privilege of contributing the 70th list reason! YAY! So I added that one, and then the one right before it. Check 'em out!

7/28/99- I'm baaaaack!!! And back with an update no less! Alrighty, 3 new list reasons, and mighty cute ones too, if you ask me (which you didn't, but I'm ignoring that small detail of your life right now). I also put up the profile of our wonderful new member, Allison. Go read her profile to discover the great mystery of our time: flying eggplants. I also updated Tom's profile to include his new website, go check it out!

7/4/99- Happy 4th of July everyone! (And a belated Happy Canada Day!) I added 3 more new list reasons today. Enjoy them because it's the last update until the end of this month. The head FOLK is abandoning her picket signs momentarily to go on vacation. Toodles!

6/24/99- OK, I've lost my marbles. I have no idea how I derived "Qui" from "Qie" but I did. Never underestimate the stupidity of a head FOLK at 10:30 PM! Hehehehee... but our new member is NOT Qui, it's Qie! So ta da! Welcome Qie!!

6/23/99- Hmmmm.... 10 days between updates, that's not too bad! Alrighty, I put up profiles for our newest members: Qui, D'Anna, and Mike! (That brings us up to 44 members, in case anyones counting!) I also made a few changes to Jamie's profile, she's a new woman, check her out! And I added 4 reasons to the never-ending continuing list of reasons why Harry should be a Lieutenant.

6/13/99- Maintained that list! Four new reasons, go check 'em out!

6/7/99- Somewhat big update! I added 3 new list reasons, and one more member profile (yes, our little group is growing!!) Welcome to Thomas! And last but not least, a lovely new FOLK tale by Ewa called Musings of an Insignificant Ensign.

5/29/99- WOW!! Two updates in a row! What must you all think?? Rita beat everyone to the 50th list reason (and the 51st too!) Sorry to all you competitive spirits!!

5/28/99- No, I'm not a complete flake! I had finals!! Sorry it took sooooo long for an update, FOLKS!! Alright, today we have 6 new list reasons, 3 new members, updated profiles for old members, and a NEW <-- see that? NEW story for FOLK TALES!!!!

4/5/99- OK, I revamped all the forms! They're way cool now! I ditched the old CGI script and used Tripod's, now it takes you to a cool page designed by moi! If you want to see the page, I guess you'll just have to think of a list addition and submit it! (Ya gotta love blackmail!)

4/4/99- YAYAYAYAYAYAY!! UPDATES ARE FUN!! OK, here we go, I put up the profiles for Zerattakis, Alex, Laura, Floopy, and Rigel. Then I added one, count it, ONE new list addition, and I'm good to go!! I'm dying to update the FOLK TALES page, so if anyone has any story inklings in their heads- get 'em on paper and send it in!!

3/24/99- Whoah! I'm sorry FOLKS! I didn't mean for it to take me this long to update!! I added a bunch of nwe additions to the list and I'm still working on tons of member profiles! Hopefully they'll be up soon!!

2/20/99- Long time no update! Hmmm.... but it's a big update this time! Five new members: Jesse, Amanda, Teranis, Alice, and Maggie. I also added the the list and gave Harry a makeover!!

2/6/99- YAYAYAY!! The winners of the FOLK Tales '99 contest are in, but I'm gonna make you go all the way over to FOLK tales to see who they are!! I also put up a member profile for Naito, and I added two things to the list!

1/30/99- OK, I put up three new member profiles: Ren, Rita and Jay; then I added a bit to the list, and I'm off to the races again!!

1/24/99- Whew! After quite some time spent updating I've finally added to the list, put up another picture in the FOLK art gallery, and I put up three lovely profiles for Kassy, Andrea, and Ed! Welcome to FOLKS guys! Only 6 more days before the contest deadline!

1/15/99- Everyone putcha hands togetha, cuz Kelly's in da houz!! Put up Kelly's profile, enjoy! Everyone elses are on the way!

12/31/98- Put up Jamie's profile! Welcome to FOLKS Jamie! I hope each and every one of you have a great New Year's, and just keep saying to yourself "This year is the year!!" For I am confident if we all focus enough energy on it, the promotion is gonna happen this year!

12/24/98- Put up Nicoll's profile. (I've just been a busy-bee today! Trying to keep myself occupied so I don't dive for the tree!)

12/24/98- Attention all FOLKS!! The first FOLKS contest is now underway! It will be a FOLK tales contest, no particular theme, just involve Harry getting a promotion in your story. New and old works will be accepted! Enter today, the winner will get a cool award they can put on their page, or get tattooed on their forehead or whatever! And all entries will be posted in the FOLK tales gallery. Have fun! The deadline is January 31st. Remember, you need to be a FOLK to participate in FOLKS contests, so join here!

12/24/98- Added another one of Laura's wonderful list additions! Happy Holidays everyone!!

12/19/98- Put up Debb's profile, welcome to FOLKS Debb!! YAYAYAYAY!! And I put up a cool linky thing so you can access the members page right from the main page.

12/13/98- Added to the list. (Hey, I've been busy this weekend!)

12/12/98- Haven't you always wanted to send your friends images from the FOLK ART galleries, but never knew how? Well, behold the FOLKY POST-OFFICE!!! Now it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.. to send a virtual Folkified postcard to all your many friends! Hop to!(Only 3 days till Garrett Wang's big 3-0!!)

12/12/98- OK, I hated the globe! So now FOLKS has moved to tripod! YAYAYAY!! I'm sorry the site's been jumping around so much, but I think it's here to stay! While I was moving the site I updated the list and I got Nicole's profile up. Also, FOLKS has a new V-3 url! (I just love those things!) It is: nice and easy to remember, huh? Have fun today FOLKS! (Only 4 days till Laura's birthday!)

11/21/98- Sorry it took me so long to update! I was having problems with Xoom and my FTP program, so now I have moved FOLKS to it's new location here at the globe! YAYAYAY!! I've finally gotten Miyoshi's and Elizabeth's profiles up. Nicole- yours is on the way! The list was updated, and that's about it!

10/17/98- Wow! I've just gone button mad! There are two new buttons you guys can choose from! (They're just so fun to make I can't help myself!)Get a new button here! I'd also like to welcome Kim to FOLKS!! YAYAYAY!! Welcome Kim, have fun bein' a FOLK! (And dedicated FOLKER, Laura, sent us a bunch of "List" reasons, so I've put those up too!)

10/9/98- OK, the long awaited FOLKS buttons are here!! YAYAYAYAY!! Go check 'em out, and throw one of these puppies onto your page!

9/30/98- I added zillion (well, OK four) new members! Sandra, Marie, Jinny, and Llawred: your profiles are now up! Feel free to gawk! Let's see, I added to the list (add to the list peoples!!) and I added a spiffy new cover page so if you forget to type "FOLKS.html" at the end of the addy you're covered! Wow! I've just overexplained this whole what's new tidbit! Oh well, happy FOLKING everyone!

9/14/98- Two new reasons added to the list, plus two new galleries of FOLK art (Several pictures compliments of Deno's Garrett Wang Page) and a brand new section called FOLK TALES, a collection of fanfic in which Harry gets promoted! YAY!!

9/11/98- Laura's profile is now up!! Welcome to FOLKS Laura!! You're our new FOLKS Flamingo Loving Citrus Flavoured Bubble Gum Chewing Hyperactive Influential Canadian Girl (FLCFBGCHICG)

9/6/98- A heap of new members!! YAYAYAY!! Akire, Anita, Nigel, Heather, Sara, and Nikki's profiles are up!!

9/5/98- It's finally here!!! NOW YOU CAN BE A FOLK!!!

9/4/98- Added the "FOLK ART" Page. It's a collection of pictures of Lt. Kim!!

8/29/98- Added the "Really Long List of Reasons Why Harry Should be a Lieutenant" and this "What's New" page.

8/28/98- Everything's new, folks!!

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