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We all dream and fantasize about the moment Harry Kim gets promoted, now is your chance to see how others (FOLK, and unFOLK alike!) think this wondrous event will transpire!!

Story Title Author Synopsis Rating

About Time

A rather angsty story (as most good HK stories are!) But it has a happy ending!! Rated PG


A sort of depressing, but really good J/C story. It doesn't seem very FOLKY at first, just wait for it! Rated PG

Epoch of Jubilee
1st place winner of FOLK Tales '99
When the crew of Voyager are captured and sold as slaves to the evil Euralcaulians it's up to Harry to save the crew. Rated PG-13

Will You Still Need Me...?

Honorable Mention in FOLK Tales '99
A delightfully funny tale of Harry's birthday party, can you guess what he gets? Rated G

Telepathic Emanations

Honorable Mention in FOLK Tales '99
Harry's getting some dreadful headaches. What could be the cause? Rated PG

Star Trek in the 20th Century (again!)
Maggie A crazy cross-over tale involving Sliders, X-files, Batman, Scream, and about a million others! Oh yeah, and Star Trek! Rated PG

Musings of an Insignificant Ensign
Ewa A great ficcy about the musings of a seemingly insignificant ensign upon Voyagers return to earth. Kind of sad, but in a good way! Rated PG

Just Another Day
Rita A wonderfully written story about the times and trials a poor little ensign can have, and the sweet sweet reward hard work brings! Some K/7 Rated PG

Star Trek Story Corner
Maggie A cute little fairy talesque story of the Great Harry's promotion. Some K/7 Rated PG

Equinox Part 2
Rita The wonderful Rita's version of Equinox Part 2, FOLKified for our enjoyment! Rated NR

Prince Harry
Atlantis Ivy A great fairy tale FOLK tale! Princess Seven can only marry a lieutenant, who will it be?? Some K/7 Rated PG

Beautiful Stranger
Lucy Kenward This is part one of a series which is rumored to have a FOLKY ending. A mysterious baby is brought to Voyager and you'll never guess who the daddy is... (or the mommy for that matter!) Rated PG

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